"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"

Steve Jobs

Job Openings

Open Positions, Head Office, Amman-Jordan

Bright's Mission is to accelerate Healthcare, Wellness & Medical Tourism industry transformation towards consumerism.

The What

We believe that we all entitled to the pursuit of happiness; the lulling inner voice that makes sense of a chaotic world, even for a little while.While many spend a lifetime in search for that hidden path, only few are lucky enough to find it, those are the ones who change everything by challenging the status quo, make our lives better and push the human race tforward.When it comes healthcare, we are change agents.

The whole industry is on the drawing board; transformation is a necessity to step into the uncertainty of tomorrow. As such, we exist to create positive change. Driven by clear vision, we embrace the challenge knowing that conventional wisdom is our biggest enemy, that’s why we challenge traditional thinking in everything we do.

Status quo is something we have no respect for.In order to bring change, we seek true, fearless champions and change agents. We seek original thinkers who are passionate about what they do, are not afraid to let go of what they think they know in order to embrace the unknown and explore new, endless possibilities.

The Who

Great ideas begin with great people. This is who we strive to be:

Empowering: True leadership is not about power but rather about empowering others. We strive to build an open healthy environment allowing true creativity to flourish.

Well Rounded: We build ideas around people rather than around processes and systems, In doing so we are reminded that whilst having depth is crucial, breadth is also essential.

Collaborative: Great ideas and products reflect the team that build them. The ability to work across disciplines, multiple tools and platforms while making others feel better is a must.

Experimental: True innovation is about experimentation; we’re not shy from risks. We embrace new thinking, tools and technologies and always consider multiple ways of solving problems.

About You

  • You are a master of your craft and inspired in a creative environment.
  • Are genuine, helpful, and know people are at their best when talents combine.
  • ​Have a passion for process but can think flexibly and thrive in rapid change.
  • Enjoy collaborating across disciplines and working styles.
  • Naturally inquisitive and want to know the “big picture”.
  • Hands-on, dedicated, and results oriented

The Details

Check out job opening details, if you believe you're the right person, drop us a line at [email protected] , tell us why you're the right persona and include your personal resume and other any supporting document you believe is necessary.

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