Bright Jordan

Embracing the big challenge of
healthcare innovation

We live in a dynamic world where change is the only constant. The disruptive forces of technology are taking everything by a storm; from the way we interact & connect with each other through social, cultural and business models down to the detailed aspects of our daily lives.

Traditional business models are increasingly strained by globalized competition, economic slowdown, shrinking profits, growing expenses & audience fragmentation. Within such a challenged ecosystem, conventional business approaches constantly fail to solve disruptions, that is why innovation is becoming today’s biggest challenge, the recipe for survival & the currency of tomorrow.

While the world’s leading businesses embrace the challenge of innovation by moving into more agile, transparent business models, the healthcare industry is still struggling to keep up. Conventional thinking and failure to move beyond traditional practice are the biggest obstacles facing healthcare innovation.

Realizing that healthcare is a core foundation of any economic & social infrastructures, the need to embrace innovation becomes more crucial than ever to build healthier & more productive societies.

Jordan being number one destination for medical tourism offers one of the most advanced healthcare services globally. With world-class medical facilities, leading technology adaptation, professional physicians, advanced regulations and networks, Jordan has a great deal to offer. However, taking Jordan's healthcare industry up to the next level remains a big challenge, that is why Bright Jordan was founded.

As the first and only licensed healthcare consultancy and medical tourism company in Jordan, Bright Jordan adopts a clear vision and a viable strategy to empower healthcare innovation within the Jordanian medical sector.

By taking a two-way strategic approach, Bright Jordan unlocks the power of personalization through offering unique & integrated medical tourism solutions that are focused around the patient rather than the process. Leveraging its expertise and providing personalized professional consultation & assistance through all stages of treatment is the key. Furthermore, Bright Jordan offers unique consultancy and professional strategic services for medical and healthcare organizations to expand business performance, empower agility and embrace innovation.

Bright Jordan is determined to lead the next wave of change towards healthcare excellence.

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