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Dental & Oral Surgery

Dental Implants
  • One of the most successful options to replace the missing teeth, and it's done after complete study for each case using 3D x-ray and define the exact location for each implant in order to get the most successful results upon crowning for several years.
Dental veneers
(hollywood smile)
  • One of the most effective and simple procedure to have a wonderful shiny smile nowadays using a very thin layer of ceramic which cemented on the teeth to get your desired colour and shape taking in consideration the face shape and the colour of the skin. This procedure also done with the help of digital impression to get the maximum accuracy and fitness.
General Dentistry
  • All dental procedures are done with high quality levels and under the most effective protocols of sterilisation machines.
    1- composite fillings
    2-root canal treatment
    4-scaling and polishing
    5-gum surgery by laser
    6-gum bleaching by laser
    All dental procedures can be done under G.A.
Digital Zirconia Crowns
  • A high end cosmetic ceramic crowns which are made using digital impression and fabricated by a computerized machine which gives the highest accuracy and strength.

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