Medical Tourism in Jordan: Challenges and Opportunities

Jordan has maintained throughout the last decade a good reputation when it comes to medical tourism. It’s ranked as no. 1 destination for medical tourism and no. 5 globally due to several reasons; top-level Medical Expertise, consistent Governmental regulations, political stability and security, affordable rates compared to other countries, multilingual professionals, advanced healthcare facilities and various touristic and therapeutic sites.

However, the number of visitors seeking for medical treatment in Jordan has decreased in the last couple of years leading to a drastic drop in the national income.

According to recent reports, patients have started changing their medical treatment destination from Jordan to other countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, London, Germany and the Far East .The deteriorating political situation in the Middle East and the nearby countries has played an important role in this shift. In addition to that, many visitors have faced some kind of fraud and were misled while receiving their treatment in Jordan due to lack of cooperation between different healthcare services providers and the absence of integrity and decency from some parties which resulted in gradually losing the trust in Jordan’s Healthcare system.

What should we do?

Regaining the trust is what we should strive for through; setting stricter Governmental regulations for the healthcare services providers, organizing the medical treatment journey for patients by qualified and professional parties, more coordination between the private and public sector, intense monitoring on the prices, investing more in the healthcare system and setting attractive marketing strategies and plans for medical tourism in Jordan.

At Bright Jordan Trust is our core value.