Bright Jordan

Our Mission; The Why

We live in a consumer centric world shaped around people, driven by endless choices, convenience, relevancy and personal preferences. The power shift from organizations to people is the natural outcome for the disruptive forces of technology.

Through the daily aspects of our lives, we’re constantly seeking more choices in regards to products & services we consume. Good products are no longer enough; we need better and smarter choices that are aligned with our personal preferences & convenience. Businesses constantly struggle to respond to the challenging needs of personalization and relevancy.

Healthcare is one of few industries that struggle behind when it comes to consumerism. In a world of consumer centricity, traditional healthcare services are not viable. People need endless choices when it comes to products they buy, the question is: why can’t they have choices when it comes to their healthcare?! Current healthcare systems eat up big portions of the country's GDP; healthcare wasteful spending is a very serious economic challenge (inflated prices, fraud, inefficient care, prevention failures, admin costs "insurance, physicians, hospitals.."). In USA, healthcare overpaying calculates for over 30% of total spending, while in UAE, the number is over one billion USD.

Global trends and industry change dynamics confirm the fact that healthcare will be leading the next wave of change towards consumer-centricity within an open marketplace. The need for better healthcare is pressing today more than ever.

The need for better healthcare is pressing today more than ever.