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Strategic Consulting For Medical Organizations

Helping Medical Organizations to Grow

To build economically viable societies, we need the proper healthcare system. Research confirm the fact that societies with good healthcare systems are the more efficient, prosper and productive.

We believe that in order to empower innovation with the healthcare sector, we need better healthcare systems that are more relevant in a changing world of today. Through vertical lines of strategic consulting services, Bright Jordan helps medical organizations build innovative systems and offer better services that are more efficient, relevant & profitable.

From blue sky strategic business planning and implementation down to total management solutions, we offer turn-key & results driven solutions to empower healthcare industry including;

Strategic & Operational:

  • Healthcare Business model design, engineering & Feasibility studies.
  • Market Assessment, evaluation and strategic Analysis
  • Feasibility design, quality control, operational alignment, workflow design to meet business model strategic requirements.
  • Medical Planning and equipment use optimization.
  • Total management for medical facilities and healthcare establishments.
  • Professional healthcare team recruitment, training and management.

Financial & Growth:

  • Financial Consulting: Advance medical service standards while reducing cost through revenue streams and cost centers engineering.
  • Medical Bills financial auditing services.
  • Medical facilities Workflow and reporting systems design, technology and implementation.

Knowledge & Collaboration:

  • Organize healthcare and medical conferences workshops, events and professional seminars.
  • Advanced medical training including vertical specializations.
  • Medical staff training including nursing, technicians, operational and management.
  • Professional physicians exchange programs.
  • Healthcare knowledge capacity building through international exchange, training and customizable workshops.

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